Music Video Sets

Captured from stream
but without any talking
on the mic

Prince Tribute – (MV Set | MVMST5k: Ep. 19)

An all Prince music videos tribute, including a few related artists he’s produced for, written songs, collaborated with etc. Prince is definitely one of the greatest of all time, and I feel like there will never be another, atleast in my lifetime. Happy Birthday, Prince! Disabled a few of the channel rewards for tonight and…

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Heavy D Tribute – (MV Set | MVMST5k: Ep. 18)

No mic on this one till my closing minutes. One of my favorite artists growing up, Heavy D (Rest In Peace) was such a dope MC, performer, dancer, and really had a great range of hits from the Boom Bap Hip-Hop to the R&B sprinkled Hip-Hop love songs. This night fell on Heavy D’s Birthday…

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Janet Jackson Tribute – (MV Set | MVMST5k: Ep. 8.1)

An all Janet Jackson music video tribute for Music Video Mix Show Theater 5000. No mic during this segment, and featured the videos at a bigger view. 

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R&B, Hip-Hop, Open Format – (MV Set | MVMST5k: Ep. 6)

Recorded from my live stream but this is just the section where I’m not using the mic, tailored for background music video visuals. Warming up with some Daft Punk during the request window. A little tribute to Prince Markie Dee (RIP) to start with a dash of some 90’s Hip-Hop and New Jack Swing. Can…

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Everything R&B – (MV Set | MVMST5k: Ep. 5)

All R&B night from this one, along with some requests from the chat. 90’s to 2000’s and a few current tracks from the past couple of years. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to vibe out. From some past college friends, dance fam, and DJs homies from the Bay, Vancouver and TO, I appreciate y’all! …

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80s‑90s Boom Bap Hip‑Hop (MV Set | 10.7.20)

Since COVID started, I’ve been fiddling around with different streaming platforms to play out music. Everything being online seems more reliant on visuals so I’m currently trying Serato Video, and it’s pretty fun to use. Kind of like mixing and video editing live (but using turntables to control the videos). Doing these sets live on…

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