Hi everyone! My name is Dennis Infante and I am a dancer/DJ from the Bay Area, CA. Welcome to the collection of dance and music events I’ve done over the years. Browse through past dance performances, battles and shows, or check out mixes, music video sets, Twitch stream archives, upcoming event info, etc. Subscribe via email, or follow me on social media if you want to stay up to date with latest content. Thanks and stay safe, everybody! 

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Recent DJ Streams

Music Video Mix Show Theater 5000: Ep. 31 | For The Hip‑Hop Freestyle Movers

Everything Boom Bap Hip‑Hop. From East to West Coast classic and 2000’s to now. Steady 90’s range BPMs for the chill and headnod type...

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Music Video Mix Show Theater 5000: Ep. 29 | Sampled vs Samples Pt. 2

Part 2 of this music videos sampled vs samples series. Originals and their sampling modern counterparts, wordplay sample transitions, and also video interpolations of...

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Mixes & Video Sets

MVMST5k: Ep. 26 | Skate Edition (Audio Recording)

Roller Skate Vibes and Jams from a variety of artists such as Silk Sonic,...

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WEFUNK Radio (Show 1081 Recording) w/Dennis Infante

Got to play another set for WEFUNK Radio recently! Huge shout out and thank...

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MVMST5k: Ep. 22 | R&B Slow Jams (Audio Recording)

Just the audio version from stream Ep. 22 of MVMST5k. Haven’t done a slow...

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J‑Dilla Tribute – (CRGD: Ep. 4 | audio recording)

Happy Valentine’s Day! So… I wanted to use last week’s stream to record a...

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80s‑90s Boom Bap Hip‑Hop (MV Set | 10.7.20)

Since COVID started, I’ve been fiddling around with different streaming platforms to play out...

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Everything I Need… (is Food) – Jan 2020 Mix (recorded 1/18)

Can’t believe it’s been about two years since I recorded a mix here at...

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WEFUNK Radio (Show 963 Recording) w/Dennis Infante

I had the honor to rock a 2nd time with the amazing WEFUNK Radio...

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