This is just an “about” section on some of the projects/crews I am affiliated with just so you have a little background information on them.

One Cypher

Co-founded a dance website,  One Cypher is a company based out of California with divisions in San Francisco and also Los Angeles. We focus our business towards the dance community ranging from event planning, talent booking, club parties, dance contests/battles and showcases, as well as business consulting. Our writers and contributers consists of talented individuals who are active participants in the dance community, ranging from dancers, djs, poets, bboys/bgirls who all share the same passion in contributing to the culture.

Mighty 4

Mighty 4 was founded by Paul Ruma (Paulskeee) in 1998 and has served as the San Francisco Bay Area’s only annual Hip Hop cultural festival, which strives to unify and preserve the four cornerstones of what is known as the Hip Hop culture: Emceeing, Style Writing, DJing and Breakin’. Mighty 4 provides Hip Hop enthusiasts and spectators of all ages with quality “edutainment” within a professional amateur level competitive forum. These festival events also include featured special guest performances, cultural workshops, and Hip Hop discussion panels.

Expanded to over 40 cities worldwide and have been honored with an official Mighty4 proclamation day by Union City, California on June 27, 2012. Aside from festival event operations, Mighty4 Arts Foundation is currently working on Hip Hop arts after school programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Honolulu Hawai’i.

The theme of “bridging the gap” has always been the Mighty4′s driving factor in representing Hip Hop culture in its full entirety.

Journey 2 Origin

Journey 2 Origin is an overseas youth outreach project started by Passion Society Non-Profit Organization. The project has gone to the Philippines to teach dance and the arts to underprivileged youth, and brings local, and international dance talent together for a chance to give back to the community.


Soulciety is a non profit organization that serves to empower the youth and young adults in our communities. Everything from free arts workshops to health and education programs. Based out of the Bay Area, they are also the masterminds behind the show, EMPOWER.

All The Way Live Foundation

Originally stemming from the dance event All The Way Live, it eventually evolved into a non profit organization servicing local youth communities in the bay area and also all over the world. Headed by Bboy PowerSerge, ATWL foundation has provided free arts workshops for the youth not only in the Bay Area, but also Philippines, Taiwan, and soon Nicaragua.

Future Arts Now

FutureArtsNow is an arts education program that creates a space for emerging local artist to share their skills and love of their respective craft with at-risk youth. They recruit and train some most accomplished and dynamic dancers, visual artists, and media arts professionals in the south bay and gives the opportunity to work with at-risk youth in the after and during school settings.


Also known as MF*ers, or Wiki Dojo, is a recent collaboration alongside Bionic (Supreme Soul, MGF), Kool Raul (Supreme Soul / Beatz N Pieces) and Ynot (Rock Steady Crew). Focusing on foundational street dance styles. We also collaborate with our students, so far we have a collective of the next generation’s poppers, bboys, and lockers representing the Wiki Dojo.

DS Players

Dance group that focuses primarily on locking and popping. Directed by Ceech Hsu.


One of the only locking groups in the bay that focuses on just that…Locking! Everybody can do other styles as well though =). Originally founded in the East Coast, we form the West Coast side of Groovmekanex (Funkee Asiatic, DocLock, Jaypee, Mikey P, Lil’ B, Ka Lok One, and myself).


The first dance group I was in. We were called Chain Reaction at first (later changed our name after learning about the OG Chain Reaction). We started around 97 and ended officially about 2008. We were known for incorporating humor in our routines. Our style was Hip-Hop choreography at first, but towards the end we started to study other styles. Lots of good memories with these guys, I consider them my brothers.