Dennis Infante Mega Ultimately Appreciates All You Awesome People!!

So my body’s exhaustion finally caught up to me after this weekend’s events and I am officially sick this Christmas eve, but I just want to thank EVERYONE that came out to my Mega Ultimate Awesome All-Styles Jam Slash Holiday Get Down Event. I know it was a tough weekend being that close to Christmas, so I really appreciate each and everyone one of you who came out to dance, take some workshops, spread the word online, or show up even just to watch and support.

At first, I just wanted to throw a different jam where we can all get together and have some fun. From the initial response I was receiving from everyone who was excited about the event though, I felt this jam would be a perfect opportunity to help out others during the holidays. So the week of the jam I decided I wanted to donate all the proceeds from the event towards charity. I didn’t know exactly for what at first, but knew I wanted it to go towards something for the less fortunate during Christmas though. So with the help of Soulciety Non-Profit Organization, they referred a really great Christmas Day Lunch put together by Salvation Army Oakland that would provide a full Christmas meal for up to 1000 people in downtown Oakland. So thanks to all of your support, we were able to contribute to that cause and make a little difference for our community.

I will now attempt my thank you list (this is not in any particular order).

To my judges Ynot, Mikey Disko, and Professor Lock, thank for coming up for this it really means a lot to me that I have your guys’ support on this. I heard nothing but great things about your workshops. The weekend was also fun, full of laughs, impromptu locking sessions, JB Party (Mikey you missed out on us cyphering and dancing with old people, literally), delirious drives home, and pancake breakfasts. I can’t thank you enough! Ynot, thanks for the dope stickers, it was cool catching up with you. Keep us posted if you decide on your 3 month Bay Area project. Brice, I’m glad I got to know you better, I appreciate you coming out STRAIGHT FROM COLUMBIA! I hope you got some good rest bro. Can’t wait to dance with y’all again next time! Mikey, thanks for always showing your support and sharing your knowledge. Always fun getting down with you on Wednesdays. I have your check btw!!

Serge and Isaac of AlltheWayLive Foundation. Thank you for being a dope host, carrying the flow of the registration/battles, and scoring for the night. Seriously this would not have worked without your guys’ expertise and feedback. Serge thanks for offering to take the dj gear home! Let’s all get some grub soon!

My sister Emily for holding down the front lines the entire time!! I know it was hectic. You always got my back. Love you!! Thank you Pehnee, Mike, and baby Logan for helping out my sister. I really appreciate it. I hope Jayden and Logan had fun! So proud to see Jayden dancing in the workshops and entering his first battle ever! OMG!

Sandy and City Dance, thank you for providing the space for the workshops and jam. You are the mega coolest dance boss mommy ever! Emerson, thanks for showing my sister how to run the front desk and for the food suggestion! That spot was really good!

My vendors, Below The Surface Brand and Shinobi Jaxx, thank you so much for supporting! I hope you were able to make a few good sales! Jose thanks for the BTS Brand giveaways! Shout out to Strength in Flavor and Cypher Styles, thank you for the giveaways as well!

Soulciety Non Profit Org, thank you Aaron for all your words of encouragement and help! Love you bro!

Sara Tarano and Salvation Army Oakland, I hope this donation will be enough to help out with your Christmas Day Luncheon. Sorry for all the phone tagging, but I’m glad we were able to set something up in time!

To my friends from O.S.H.H.-iiit Crew and City Dance Locking Class. Thank you for always supporting and all the fun, goofy times in our classes. I appreciate y’all! Next time don’t hide behind the dj booth and go dance more!! Haha.

Shout out to Suiber of StepXStep Dance, Will of Funk’d Up TV, Filmatic Prod, and Beto of Mooncricket Films, I hope you guys were able to get the footage you wanted! Thank you for capturing the magic!

My GroovMekanex brothers thank you for always having my back. I was looking forward to seeing y’all battle. Told you fockers about it a long time ago to show up at 6pm! haha jk. I’m glad Doc Holiday illest aka Funky Kung Fu Santa was able to spread that holiday funk though!

DS Players familia it was good to see you guys gettin’ down. Thank you for your ongoing support on all my random projects. Sorry I got sick the night of the DSP holiday party =(. I really miss y’all! Shy Guy it was great catching up with you bro. Let’s try to set up those meet ups with Ceech soon! Also thanks to you, Alex, Nasty Ray, and Ryan Eratyk for the help breaking down and packing the dj equipment at the end!

My Wiki Dojo folks, thanks for supporting the guys on their workshops, and I’m glad you were able to make it to the Jam! Way and Sudeep thanks so much for coming up just for this, we all miss you guys. Wussup to Project Pulse as well!

Shout out to my Homeland homies for coming up from SoCal as well! I was so happy to see y’all! I hope the drive in the rain wasn’t too crazy!

LockinRobin for making time to stop by during your Bay Area holiday visit. Next time the Tito Boyscouts and Tita Babies gotta come out too! Wussup Cliff?!?

Anna Mae and Jeffrey, thanks for coming to the jam during your stay out here in the Bay, I hope you guys had a great time. I will bring you those Tapatio Ruffle Chips next time Anna Mae!

Ginabeana, thank you so much for the food! I totally overlooked the whole eating thing! I probably would’ve passed out if it weren’t for you!

Pop Tart, Smurf, James, Zulu Fam and all the Bay Area OGs, your presence meant a lot to me! THANK YOU! Donnie Boogaloo for the bday/xmas gift of records! Doubles too! I’m about to mess with a few juggles. Thank you big bro!

DJ Teeko & Wonway, so sorry that it took me awhile to get to the after-party with the turntable. Thanks for giving me the night off!

Mix’d Ingrdnts, thank you for your support in promoting the jam and just coming out to dance with everyone. Shireen sorry for the category mixup! You just know too many styles and I just picked one for you. But yes ladies, I can’t wait for your show in January! You are going to kill this locking piece! I had a great time at your after party too! Good job Loan for coordinating that! Proud of you friend!

Tim aka seOUL avengeR of Needle To The Groove Record Shop, thanks for my record addiction (I hate you jk). Sorry I wasn’t able to use your beats this time. It was in one of the bonus categories and it didn’t get pulled out of the hat during the finals. Next time!

To UltraMan himself, aka Stix, aka Bryce Hill, aka Fried Bryce. Congrats on the win man! That first round was crazy! 5 back to back rounds. And to think that you just hit me up the day before and said you were just going to do this for fun. DOPE! What’s the next party we’re gonna hit up?

All the folks who helped me promote and take a few flyers, (Jessica, RJ, George, Gina, Sandy, Seth, Vid, Mix’d, Daniel). To all the dancers, there are too many of you to name, from near and far, many old and new friends under one roof! Some I haven’t some in years and some I met for the first time. Thank you for bringing your energy, all of you inspire me and I am thankful to have you guys make the event what it was! I see what is unique about you all and I’m glad this was an event that gave you all a chance to shine. The vibe and energy felt so dope in that room! Bboys showing love to the lockers, Poppers showing love to the Turfers, Hip-Hop dancers getting down with the Waackers and House Dancers, etc, etc etc.

I learned a lot from throwing this jam and definitely took a lot of notes on what will make my next one even better and run smoother! Hopefully I will have a shorter title, (or an even longer one haha). I apologize if I seemed a little short or out of it that night, I was really just too focused on not screwing up too much haha. I appreciate every one of you and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

*Please also take some time to say a few prayers. One for OG dancer, Niko “Waveomatic” Birakos who recently passed away yesterday. Rest In Power, Waveo!
Also pray for Bay Area Bboy, Gerald of Rock Force, who is currently in critical condition at the hospital right now.

*On a side note, RIP to James Brown and Marva Whitney!

17 comments on “Dennis Infante Mega Ultimately Appreciates All You Awesome People!!

  1. Dennis Infante says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. awww Dentist (yes I jumped on the bandwagon) THANK YOU for throwing such an AMAZING event. No worries about the style mixup. I didn't want to karate chop you or anything like that, no way 😉 haha, but forreal tho, I appreciate you and everything you do for our community. Such a great energy to come home to. I was having too much fun being inspired by everybody's individuality. Much love fam <3 <3 <3.

  3. Ramon Martell says:

    Awesome Dennis. Great stuff. You have a merry Christmas brother.

  4. Timothy Chung says:

    Yo I had fun! Congrats on having such a sick battle and for considering using my beats! I was just happy that you accepted them so it's all good. Loved watching little kids get down. Definitely put a smile on my face and my god your selections were crazy iLL! Can't wait for the next one. See you soon (taps the inside of the arm) muhahahaha!

  5. Jia Son says:


  6. Dennis Infante says:

    Merry Xmas Ramon! Hope you are well! Happy Holidays!

  7. Dennis Infante says:

    Power Serge, Isaac Escoto, Tony Ynot DeNaro, Mikey Disko SoulSector, Brice ProfessorLock Johnson, Sandy Lee

  8. Dennis Infante says:

    Bryce Hill, Vandor Whacko Hill, Arthur V. Gardner Jr., Wrey Marthy Galimba, Brian Perez, Francis Anthony Cailles

  9. Dennis Infante says:

    Pop Tart, Don Alonzo, Phun Keedoc, Chaz Cabonce, Jaypee Diaz,

  10. Dennis Infante says:

    Too many to tag. I'm thankful for you all!!

  11. Phun Keedoc says:

    It was an incredible and wonderful event bro! Not an easy feat. Truly EVERYBODY came together and just had a fantastic fun time. I HAVE to add how awesome you handled the music too. It was back-to-back funky goodness (regardless of style). Every jam played felt good and had people dancing on the sidelines as well as in the battles. Love to read about how this helped the charities as well. Too much suffering out there and to know you did something like that is really the best! Bless you homie! Much love from EVERYBODY!

  12. Phun Keedoc says:

    Great write up bro!! Get some rest!!

  13. Chaz Cabonce says:

    hope you get better soon.

  14. Sandy Lee says:

    That's one mega ultimate awesome thank you note! I wouldn't have expected any less from one the coolest, if not the coolest, guy in the universe 🙂 Thank you Dennis for bringing your amazing talent and humongous family of friends to the studio. It was such a great time! And I heard nothing but praise for your DJing wizardry. Happy Holidays!

  15. Wesley Pua says:

    Thank you Dennis for giving us a place to celebrate together!

  16. Dennis Infante says:

    <3 you mama Sandy!

  17. Dennis Infante says:

    Good seeing you and Tricia, Wesley. Made my night to see you guys laugh during The Family Feud song lol.

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