12/22: Dennis Infante’s $500 Mega Ultimate Awesome All Styles Jam Slash Holiday Get Down Event

Throughout the years DJing and attending other jams I’ve always felt like many were always following the same format. I’ve decided it’s time to throw my own event! I want to bring something new, fun, and different for the Bay Area dance community with this event. It won’t be about what style(s) you can do, it’ll be about how well you can adapt to the music to your own particular way of movement. I’m calling on dancers from all areas to come out and have some fun with this!

The title of the event was meant to be a joke, but so many of you wanted me to keep it, that’s just what I did!


Dennis Infante’s $500 Mega Ultimate Awesome All Styles Jam Slash Holiday Get Down Event

Sat Dec 22, 2012
Doors open at 5pm (prelim sign-ups)
Prelims start at 6pm SHARP
$10 admission
Kids 10 & under FREE


The Gauntlet consists of multi-level, 7-to-smoke battles. Each level represents a different music genre. (Ex: Breaks, Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip-Hop, House, etc. *with a few surprise categories of my choosing). One level is about 15 minutes each with intermissions between each level to give the competitors time to rest and to give everyone else time to CYPHER! If a dancer wins 7 rounds in a row in one level, we go straight to the intermission. The dancer who wins the most rounds once all levels are over, wins the $500 prize.

Prelim Format: Solo showcases to music genre of your choice upon sign-up.

Top 16 are chosen to go into 1v1 battles.
(The next in line who ranked 17 after the prelims has the option to challenge a Top 16 competitor for a spot. *UPDATE, the challenger may now choose who’s spot they want to battle for).

Once top 8 pass the 1v1’s, the Gauntlet begins. There will be 5 predetermined levels and 2 bonus levels which will be chosen out of a hat.

Here is the battle format [BROKEN DOWN]

Gauntlet Levels:
-Hip-Hop (Golden era to now)

(potential bonus level categories)
-Jazz (Swing/Fusion/Latin/Funk)
-Nu Jazz / Broken Beat
-Soulful / Jazzy Hip-Hop
-Neo-Soul & R&B
-90s R&B & New Jack Swing
-James Brown (Even other genres that cover or sample his music, i.e. hip-hop, etc)
-Michael Jackson (Even other genres that cover or sample his music, i.e. J5, hip-hop, house etc)
-Dilla (I HAVE to include a Dilla level!)
-Love (Anything from soulful house, D’Angelo, Diana Ross, Boogie Funk to a Slum Village track)
-Beats, 8-bit, & Instrumentals (Flylo, Madlib, Ta-ku etc)
-Modern Funk (Dam-Funk, etc)
-Kung-Fu theme sampled beats
-Bay Area (Anything from Bay Slaps, Hiero, Quannum, All City, Locally produced, etc)
-Motown / Stax (Motor City & Memphis 60s/70s Soul music!)
-Divas (Female artists from all eras. Chaka Khan, Aretha, Whitney, etc)


Ynot (Rock Steady Crew, MuthaFunkers)
Mikey Disko (Soul Sector, Knuckle Neck Tribe)
Professor Lock (Hood Lockers, SYTYCD)

Host: Power Serge (Beatz N Pieces, ATWL)

DJ: Dennis Infante (GroovMekanex, MuthaFunkers)



-Below The Surface

-Shinobi Jaxx

-Free giveaways courtesy of Cypher Styles

more TBA

Vendors interested contact wikidojo@gmail.com


Dance Workshops Before the Event:
Also at City Dance (10 Colton St. SF)

1-2:15: Hip-Hop w/ Mikey Disko

2:15-3:30: Top Rock w/ Ynot

3:30-4:45: Locking w/ Professor Lock

$20 a class
$50 for all 3 + Free pass to event.

Workshop FB Event page HERE


Official After-Party:
Sat Dec 22nd 10pm-2am

@ Submission Art Space SF
2183 Mission st. SF
$5 cover

Disco/Funk Fundraiser & After party
hosted by Mix’d Ingrdnts

Teeko (4onefunk)
Wonway Posibul (latin soul brothers)
Dennis Infante (one cypher | muthafunkers)

——- BATTLE REGISTRATION (Capping it at 50) ——–

Email name & dance style or music pref to wikidojo@gmail.com
(Ex: Dennis – Hip-Hop)

*This will not be the order of the prelims. It will be done at random.

1. Cein (Lockafellers) – Locking
2. Famous Dave – Locking
3. Whacko (Forever we Rock / illest Villains) – Breaks
4. Patrick Gomez – Hip-Hop
5. R-FBI – Locking
6. Jamar Hopkins aka jamr township
(BeatZ N Pieces/ Floorlords/ Slaughterhouse)
7. Doc “Holiday Illest”
8. Takeki – Hip-Hop
9. Gabby Jay – Popping
10. Poppin Jun – Popping
11. BBoy A.B
12. Gym Locker – Locking
13. Dopey Fresh – Hip-Hop
14. D. Funk AllStar (Tiktaktix Crew) – Popping
15. D. Maze – Hip-Hop
16. Ultraman – Popping
17. Fame (Dynamic Dime Stoppers Crew) – Popping
18. LockinRobin – Locking
19. Cam – House
20. Ginabeana (Funkanometry SF) – Waacking
21. SheaBoogie (Mix’d/Vogue&Tone/DopestOutsiders) – HipHop/Vogue/House-ish
22. Jay-R, (DS Players) – All-Styles
23. Silvatron, (Playboyz Inc) – Popping
24. Maze (Playboyz Inc/Monsterz Inc) – Popping
25. Joe Z – Popping
26. B – Popping
27. MeeZee (Transitionz Crew, OuterSpace, EgoSmashers) House, Bboying, Modern Dance
28. Elu – Popping
29. Felix Li (IsoLix) – Hip Hop
30. Miss King (DS Players/ Mix’d Ingrdnts) – Waacking, Locking, Hip Hop
31. Money B (Playboyz Inc) – Popping
32. thee.O.P. (Outta Shape) – Krump
33. Boogie Dex (WTFunk) – Popping
34. Sway (Outta Shape / KrumpTalk) Krump / Popping
35. Machine King ( MPC/DTF) – Popping
36. Jaestrada – Bboy / House
37. Happy Feet – Locking
38. Oni – Locking
39. Mikee Joaquin – Locking / Freeform
40. Phil (B.A.) – Turfin / Popping
41. Bad Influence (B.A.) – Turfin / Popping
42. Pn0yboyflaVapOru – Locking
43. Mark Sanchez aka Hippie – House
44. FLEEZYgoDUMB (49GiantWarriorz, KNT, Wolfpack) – Turfing / Bboy
45. Funkee Asiatic (GroovMekanex) – Dance
46. Johnny 5 (Turf Feinz) – Turfing
47. Brevin – Hip-Hop
48. Animal – Breaking / House
49. Vendetta – Breaking
50. J-Syd (DS Players / Fresh Dynamix) – Locking/All-Styles

51. Eratk (Trademark Krew) – House/bboy
52. Magnus Convoy – Locking
53. Jayden – Hip-Hop
54. Karlita – Waacking
55. Fool (Wolfpack) – Turfing
56. Leo (NWO / BA) – Turfing
57. 9D – Turfing
58. Julia (Arigatou!) – House
59. Dstout (Blockheadz) – Popping
60. Stephen N (SZA) – Popping
61. GraVIDy – House
62. J1 – Popping
63. SamMalicious – House
64. Killer B – Popping

*Online registration to battle is now CLOSED! All battle participants, need to CHECK IN by 5pm to reserve your spot. Prelims will start at 6pm SHARP! If you aren’t checked in and/or aren’t there by 6pm to start for prelims , your spot WILL be given to who ever is next on the waitlist.

If you didn’t make the online registration, you can still register at the door and get on the waiting list incase some people drop out or show up late.

Be sure to support other jams going on in the Bay around this time as well!

Dec 1: Get Down Urban Dance Battle
Dec 1: Kings of the Scene
Dec 1: Melting Pot
Dec 8: City Dance Onstage
Dec 8: II Birds, I Stone
Dec 8: All Turf All Style
Dec 9: Break4Tots
Dec 13: Hard to Earn
Dec 15: Big Payback
Dec 15: Dance Out Loud

3 comments on “12/22: Dennis Infante’s $500 Mega Ultimate Awesome All Styles Jam Slash Holiday Get Down Event

  1. Dennis Infante says:

    this battle registration list is getting interesting =).

  2. John Tso says:

    The most wins format is sick Dennis. Great idea.

  3. Dennis Infante says:

    So far we got folks reppin' for the battle coming from Beatz N Pieces, Knuckle Neck, Illest Villains, Lockafellers, DS Players, Tiktaktix, Playboyz Inc, Isolix, Transitionz, Funkanometry SF, Mix'd Ingrdnts, GroovMekanex… WHO'S UP NEXT?

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