R16 Korea 2011: 1v1 World Locking Battle Finals

Here is my Top 16 and Top 8 battle against Maru (Majestic 5, Japan) and Kenzo (Shuffle, Japan) at R16 Korea World finals. Very fun exchanges with these guys during the battles. (Much respect to both of you my new friends!).

Found 2 angles of my battle with Kenzo.

It was a great experience! All I wanted (besides winning $3000 and 1st place for USA haha) was to stand out differently than all the other lockers there and show my own flavor and what I can add on top of locking. I wanted to show that no matter what style (locking, popping, house, hip-hop, etc), to never forget that this is a DANCE and that I believe in dancing WITH the music not just TO it.

I am a cypher head at heart and I am still trying to get used to “battling”, but I was very happy with how I presented myself. A lot of people liked the way I danced and some said that I inspired them. I remember praying before the battle and asked God that no matter if I win or lose, that what I wanted most was to inspire people with HIS light and talent. I felt so blessed and thankful with how everything turned out!

This was one of the best trips EVER! I keep on saying that with each trip haha, but I’m telling the truth! hahah.

1 comment on “R16 Korea 2011: 1v1 World Locking Battle Finals

  1. James says:

    Glad to hear you were happy with your sets, man – you’ve got every right to be! Kept true to the music and looked completely natural every time you went out. Always an inspiration to watch.

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