R&B, Hip-Hop, Open Format – (MV Set | MVMST5k: Ep. 6)

Recorded from my live stream but this is just the section where I’m not using the mic, tailored for background music video visuals. Warming up with some Daft Punk during the request window. A little tribute to Prince Markie Dee (RIP) to start with a dash of some 90’s Hip-Hop and New Jack Swing. Can never go wrong with R&B ranging from Janet Jackson to Brian McKnight. Funky beats by  Korean artists, Primary and Bay Area Producer, Seoul Avenger and a little smooth Neo-Soul by one of my favorite groups right now, Moonchild. Thanks everyone for hanging out and cheered bits and gift subs and got me through my first Level 1 Hype Train. Now coining it “Mellow Train” for my streams going forward haha.  Thank you Original Videorat and Snorlocks for helping me mod the chat always. I think I missed 2 requests this time, but I’ll throw it in next week! Appreciate y’all, always! 

If you’re a current subscriber to my Twitch channel, you can view the full stream here.

4 comments on “R&B, Hip-Hop, Open Format – (MV Set | MVMST5k: Ep. 6)

  1. Lunacee says:

    Such a great mix!!!! Thank youuuuuuu!!!!!

  2. soulo says:

    Just saw this! Thanks Lunacee! I’m happy you enjoyed it! Hope all is well with you!

  3. Robby Patterson says:

    Nice stuff! Some of these songs I haven’t heard since the 90’s. Most hip hop/r&b mixes on youtube have the same songs.

  4. soulo says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed em! Sorry for the delayed reply, been crazy busy. I agree, it’s usually the same playlists on youtube, so I like to play stuff that’s not too common. Thanks for checking out the site!

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