Slow Jams

Smooth grooves from Classic Soul,
80’s/90’s R&B, Neo-Soul, and current.

MVMST5k: Ep. 22 | R&B Slow Jams (Audio Recording)

Just the audio version from stream Ep. 22 of MVMST5k. Haven’t done a slow jam mix in awhile. Classics from the 70s-90s, sprinkled with a few current tracks and mid-tempo tunes. You’ll hear tracks by Mint Condition, Babyface, Tamia, Janet, Tony Toni Tone, Jhene Aiko, Anderson Paak, UMI, Teddy Pendegrass, The Isley Bros, Jodeci, Shai,…

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Shmalentine’s Day 2013 Mix: Angry Bird Lovin’

Now that you’re done listening to all the other Valentine’s Day mixes, here’s my Official Shmalentine’s Day Mix for 2013: Angry Bird Lovin’. No words to explain, just slingshots of randomness wrapped up into one giant body roll. Use this for your post-club cuddle hour. Have a good weekend! =) TITLE – ARTIST (Angry Bird…

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SCORE!: A shmaLINtine’s Day Mix

Happy singles awareness day! In spirit of last year’s random “Quickie: A Shmalentine’s Day Mix“, here is a 2012 mix for you peeps, again picking a few bass heavy bedroom tracks from different genres and sounds, layered with extra cheese. Some of these songs crack me up sometimes. I feel like this should really be…

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Quickie: A Shmalentine’s Day Mix

Here’s a last minute mix I put together, titled “Quickie: A Shmalentine’s Day Mix“. Picked a few of my favorites from random genres. Sounds of sweet & sentimental with a touch of rough & freaky lol. Track list below: TITLE – ARTIST The Sweetest Love – Robin Thicke Crown Royal – Jill Scott All I…

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Love Jones for the Soul Vol. 1 (Neo-Soul Slow Jams)

[2005] It’s a slow-jam mix! Perfect background music for chill time, dinner with a date, and whatever else your creative little minds can think of with a certain special other. Even your parents will like it, just hopefully not in front of you. -Dennis (*Previously a fundraiser item for Journey 2 Origin 2009 Project. *Now…

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