BRS Dance Celebration Weekend 2013 Promo Mix

Some hand selected cuts by Bryce Loops, Paulie Rhythms, and myself. All Soul & Funk in honor of the BRS Alliance. Be sure to check out all the great events this weekend.

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Download the promo mix here:

7 comments on “BRS Dance Celebration Weekend 2013 Promo Mix

  1. Dennis Infante says:

    Bryce Hill, Paul Galtman SoulSector.

  2. Pop Tart says:

    the team is on it for the world poptart ceo of tartproductions co/founder of the BRS master teacher & dancer pluse hip hop dancer producer of thes strutters room with the only 3 pure bogaloo robottin & strutters films the help us help you see and lern things about a time a life dance ways daten from 1964 to today moven with BRS as the lead brand that you could trust its about you the people getting that 1 thing you asked for to see one day again peace

  3. Pop Tart says:

    for most that never new this was a TART PRODUCTIONS/BRS/BRSAA project & its was all of you that helped it happin like it did i wont the world to get into this thing with us now you have hip hop & now you have the day before hip hop walking together and bring facks to the for frount

  4. Pop Tart says:

    this is brs teachings grate mix you can play this and work you dancen out like us we are your true deep funk leaders & this man has put the mix you need together so tern it up good job everybody lets keep loven each ather keepin it dance body talk baby ! p-t 3000 thanks paulie rhythms & dennis infante from yo boy lil lonnie aka lonnie green aka the fillmoe kid aka jobba dott aka poptart aka grampy ! the mix is the fix now tern it up moma sed its funk its ok lol lets go daddy understand whata doing hes been funky before you was born hern the horn time to go !

  5. Pop Tart says:

    its not over brs has a lain thats opened up log on and play it loud and you will still fill the brs and that night and day sat sep7th brs i than everyone this was anther Tartproductions project with so much love from them that trust and beleave in maken things better for all BRS brings trust in its actions for your info by being right ther with you teaching you dancen work shops ect peace to all of you for maken my deam come true im so proud of all of you but im that one that new yall would thats why i did what i did

  6. Pop Tart says:

    granny sed it lonnie trust is needed so BRS is make them changes in minny ways its bigger than 1 person so that means the right help is needed for thes changes its alot to deal with i know

  7. Dennis Infante says:

    Thank YOU Pop Tart for everything! You've always been so supportive for everyone. Much respect to you and all other Bay Area pioneers. This mix was Bryce Hill's idea to begin with so I just want to give him and Paulie their props too for always diggin' deep with the music knowledge and for the collab mix project. I had a lot of fun at the BRS jam. Left feeling inspired. (and sweaty as sh*t) lol. Till next time!

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