Soulidify 2on2 All Styles Battle 2010

Teamed up with Bionic to represent the Wiki Dojo as MuthaFunkers at this year’s Soulidify 2on2 battle. The vibe of the whole event was dope. Energy from the crowd was the best. Tie breakers resulted in themes thrown at the competitors. Having to use props such as hula hoops, balls, towels, and there was even…

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Wiki Dojo / MF*ers at Battlefest New Schoolz

Here is the collab show I did with Bionic and Kool Raul. The Wiki Dojo aka MotherFunkers. Everyone did such a great job in such a short amount of time. Looking forward to working with everyone again soon. Bionic (Supreme Soul / MGF) Kool Raul (Supreme Soul / Beatz N Pieces) Me (DS Players /…

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6/12: Battlefest New Schoolz

Doing a collab exhibition performance with Bionic (Supreme Soul/Machine Gone Funk) and Kool Raul (Supreme Soul/Beatz-N-Pieces) at Battlefest New Schoolz. We are performing under the name MF*ers. Also known as MotherFunkers haha. We are having our students from our classes perform with us as well. I don’t have any students for my class yet (actually…

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