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Keep On Dancing 2013 Locking Battles: GroovMekanex

Long overdue, but here’s the footage from our trip down to Keep On Dancing (USA). First time battling as a crew and it felt great! Had a lot of fun just showing our Bay Area flavor with Lockin’! Also great bonding time with the fellas during this road trip. GroovMekanex here is Jaypee, Charlie Hustle,…

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Locked & Loaded 1on1 All Styles Battle 2009

Battle footage from Locked & Loaded 2009. I decided to enter last minute (there were like 50-60 entries!!! (took forever). During my round in the top 16, I thought the judges voted for JFunk (it looked like a tie at first, but the emcee announced it was JFunk. The judge came back to us later…

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