kod usa 2012

KOD USA 2012: Hip-Hop – Dennis Infante

KOD USA 2012 Hip-Hop Category. Just entered this category for fun and got farther than I expected. Was my first time entering a Hip-Hop category and also 2 categories (Locking) at the same time. Had to run back and forth at times but was still able to make it to my rounds in time. I…

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KOD USA 2012: Locking – Dennis Infante

Here are my locking rounds from KOD. Had a lot of fun with Jon Boogz (didn’t even know he locks!!), and Lao Mao. I feel like I could’ve done more against Lao Mao, but was too caught up in the moment and the music. Oh well though, still had fun, and the vibe was great…

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