Interview with Funk’d Up TV

Here is an interview I did with Funk’d Up TV. I feel honored to even be considered for this kind of interview and I apologize for all the re-takes we had to do due to my awkwardness and stuttering when conducting interviews hahah. Thank you Funk’d Up TV for all you do!

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Interview with FilAm Funk

Met a lot of great people while teaching at this year’s Rock The School Bells event. Had the opportunity to be featured on the Fil Am Funk Productions blog site. Shout out to Mark V for the interview! Check out the interview HERE Check out more great stuff at their site

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Interview with Pacific Rim: Know Your Rank Workshops

Here’s an interview with Angelica Alumia of Pacific Rim during the Know Your Rank Workshops. Check out more interviews on their channel at I feel so awkward in front of cameras. Apologies in advance haha.

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