Ghost Kicks: Samurai’s Face Melts on Mountain

Random pop-up stream with an overlay idea I’ve had on hold for awhile. Hip-Hop Instrumentals, Beats, some Modern Funk and Neo-Soul mainly for background music with visuals. Something I’d imagine would happen to a Samurai hallucinating from some poisonous darts lol. Just sitting on a mountain seeing random sh*t. Shoutout to my dude, Shyguy for…

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Spaces, Places, & Stank Faces: 12.18.20 | Test Flight

Took the spaceship out for a late night test flight. Modern Funk, Instrumental slaps, and a few surprise svmmerdaze features. Really just something to mellow out to before going back into the work week. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and hung out in chat. Since this is the 1st demo pilot for the stream,…

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2/25: Hip-Hop Instrumentals

Just some random tracks I like to get down to for Hip-Hop. Mostly instrumentals. Mix of underground, radio, bay slap, jazzy, and even some g-funk instrumentals that is still good for Hip-Hop dance. Changed up the titles a little bit =). But you can do your own research and find these are from artists like…

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