battlefest new schoolz

Wiki Dojo / MF*ers at Battlefest New Schoolz

Here is the collab show I did with Bionic and Kool Raul. The Wiki Dojo aka MotherFunkers. Everyone did such a great job in such a short amount of time. Looking forward to working with everyone again soon. Bionic (Supreme Soul / MGF) Kool Raul (Supreme Soul / Beatz N Pieces) Me (DS Players /…

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6/12: Battlefest New Schoolz

Doing a collab exhibition performance with Bionic (Supreme Soul/Machine Gone Funk) and Kool Raul (Supreme Soul/Beatz-N-Pieces) at Battlefest New Schoolz. We are performing under the name MF*ers. Also known as MotherFunkers haha. We are having our students from our classes perform with us as well. I don’t have any students for my class yet (actually…

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