3styles battle

3 Styles Battles (Crew Edition) Vancouver, BC

Happy to be DJing this year’s 3 Styles battle in Vancouver again! Can’t wait! Really loved the energy out there last time! ——— The SOULdiers Dance Company presents… their annual battle! Returning this year, DJ DENNIS INFANTE (Bay area) http://www.soulo1200s.com/ ***New format*** 3 vs 3 battle but individual prelims* 1- Sign up to battle with…

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3Styles Battle 2014: Locking Sun vs Dennis Infante | Exhibition Battle

Was in Vancouver to DJ this year’s 3Styles Battle (by Kim Sato / SOULdiers Company) and they asked if I would also like to participate in an exhibition battle again Locking Sun from Beautiful Life Crew! I was immediately down for the idea! I’ve never met him, but I’ve been a fan after seeing footage…

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3/29: The 3Styles Battle, Vancouver BC

Happy to DJ the battles in Vancouver, BC for The 3Styles Battle event. I will also be doing an exhibition battle against Sun!! I can’t wait!! Shout out to SOULdiers Company! —— The 3STYLES BATTLE/SHOWCASE presented by the SOULdiers Company (An all ages event for the entire community) All Styles, Hip Hop, Popping Battles 1…

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