Project X: Tricking Locking Waacking Battle and Show

DJing the Locking/Waacking categories at Project X in April!


Project X: Tricking | Locking | Waacking Battle and Show

Tricking Battles, Locking Battles, and Waacking Battles all under one roof! These styles have some of the most FIRE battles that we don’t see enough of. Project X is an event inspired by the community to create inspiration and competition to progress the movement of our active communities of Trickers, Lockers, and Waackers.

*Those who are competing or wanting to see the prelims and session with our competitors can arrive during the day at 3:00pm.

The Night Show consists of the Final Battles and Special Performances that competitors and general public are invited to attend!

*Competitors, please see the description below for the category you are entering, so that you come prepared and know what to expect for the battle.


⭐︎Event Details⭐︎

Saturday April 13, 2019

3:00 PM (Doors Open | Registration Begins)
3:30 PM (Registration Closes)
4:00 PM (Prelims Begin)

General Public
6:00 PM (Doors Open)
7:00 PM (Night Show Event Begins)
10:00 PM (Finish)

Admission Tickets:
$15 – Presale
$20 – At the door

Link to purchase tickets:

Twisters Sports
1165 N Fair Oaks Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

JayR deGuzman (DS Players / The Get Down)
Michele King (DS Players / The Get Down / BAE Rooted)
Brian Rapaido (DS Players / The Get Down / Boogie Wonders)

– Dennis Infante (Locking / Waacking DJ)
– Brandon “DJ Greed” (Tricking DJ)

– Tricking: Steve Terada (Quest Crew / Team Paul Mitchell)
– Waacking: Tyrone Proctor (Imperial House Of Waacking)
– Locking: Omar “FireLock” Thomas (Unortholockx)

Battle Categories:

– Open Circle Prelims
– Top 12: 1 vs 1 and Top 6 1 vs 1 *Buff Battles*
– Finals: 3-way Battle No Limits
– First Place: $300 Cash, Loopkicks Camp Guest Pass, and 1-month subscription to Kojostricklab
-2nd and 3rd Place: 1-month Subscription to Kojostricklab

*Buff Battles* Explained:
During the 1vs1 battles, a pair of dice will be rolled before each round containing tricking categories. 1 die will count positively towards the judges decision (buffs) and the other die will count negatively (de-buff). During the battle, it is the competitors goal to execute tricks/combos based on the buff given while avoiding the de-buffs. Here are the categories you can expect to get during the battle:

Buffs Die:
– 1-legged chaining (swings, mislegs, carrythroughs, etc)
– Touchdown Setups (TD raiz, scoot, cartwheel, etc)
– Original Techniques
– Kicking
– Twist Tricks
– Momentum Breaking Combos (IE: switching direction combos, stops/freezes)

De-Buffs Die:
– 1-legged chaining (swings, mislegs, carrythroughs)
– Spin-hook setups
– Touchdown setups (TD raiz, scoot, cartwheel)
– Non-variation Twist Tricks
– Twist Tricks
– Tumble-Heavy Tricks/Combos

– 1 vs 1 Battles
– First Place: $300 Cash and 4-day pass to Las Vegas Locking Camp 2019 ($360 value)

– “Perform for me, Honey” Prelims
– Top 8: 1 vs 1 “Props Battle”
– Finals: Top 4 “Werk Your Way to the Top”
– First Place: $300 Cash and Waacking Training Volumes by Princess Lockerooo

*Perform for me, Honey* Prelims Explained
All Waackers come with a short performance already prepared to showcase YOU (your style, taste, music, moves, and personality) to the audience and judge. You can come with your music on your phone, laptop, flash drive, or send us a link for the DJ to play (you may email your music to to make things easier if you’d like). Waackers will prepare their own combo/ routine to perform that must be NO LONGER than 2 MINUTES. EVERYONE performing to compete in the battles MUST come DRESSED UP as any character, style, or type of outfit you wish, but please do come glammed out in your own way! **Tyrone’s request**

Top 8 Props Battle:
– Top 8 Waackers will go head to head 1 vs 1 as usual, but must
use props around them to make things a bit more exciting
– Props may be used in whatever way dancers may like as long as
it does not involve any violence or disrespect towards opponent
or others

Finals *Special Top 4 “Werk Your Way to the Top” Battle*:
– What is typically the semi-finals will instead be the FINAL battle
royale between the last standing Top 4 dancers
– 1st Round: The Top 4 will go one at a time, freestyling and
showcasing what they got
– 2nd Round: Top 4 will go TWO at a time
– 3rd Round: All 4 will go in at the SAME time dancing WITH/
AGAINST each other, how ever the vibe makes you feel
– Based on all 3 rounds (and if a 4th is needed according to
judge’s request) the CHAMPION will be chosen, so each dancer
has numerous chances to give it all you got and WOW Father
Tyrone Proctor!

**Online Live-Stream through STANCE**

Special Guest Performance:
-BAE Rooted Waackers

– Earthen Magic –

Sponsors and Affiliates:
– Las Vegas Locking Camp –
– The Get Down –
– Team Loopkicks –
– Kojos TrickLab –
– Princess Lockerooo –
– Next Generation Martial Arts –
– BAE Rooted –

***For Vendor or Sponsorship opportunities please email:

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