11/06 City in Pink: John Hughes Lives On


“A hella cool Bay Area romantic comedy & a totally rad 80’s after party”

Fresh Mode, The Clearing, and 111 Minna bring you the event of the year…well, yesteryear. John Hughes passed away August 6th, 2009, but he left us a legacy of laughter mixed with equal parts bittersweet truth about young love and teenage life. It is an understatement to say that he impacted a lot of people. Simple Minds sang it, and we won’t forget about you, John Hughes. On November 6th, we will be remembering the iconic writer/director with a party that Andie Walsh and Duckie Dale would totally attend (if they were of legal drinking age, of course). By partying with us, you’ll be supporting local DJs and Bay Area independent film.

X’s & O’s is probably the truest San Francisco romantic comedy you’ll see for awhile, and while it only can hope to achieve a teeny tiny bit of what John Hughes accomplished in his look at young relationships, it is a throw back to the romantic “dramadies” of the eighties. Heavy on the witty dialogue, real characters, an amazing soundtrack, and some youthful angst that will make you want to bust out your old yearbooks, journals, and archived blogs.

Check the trailer and clips in the videos section to decide for yourself.


Here’s a synopsis:

X’s & O’s is a hip romantic comedy that takes a humorously genuine look at post-college relationships. A circle of friends in San Francisco finds out the hard way that it’s not all hugs and kisses in the game of love and that everyone needs a strategy to score. Bookish biologist Simon (Clayne Crawford – starring in the upcoming season of Fox’s “24”) lusts after Jane (Sarah Wright – ‘The House Bunny’), a blonde beauty who barely knows he exists. Against the advice of his womanizing friend, Lorenzo (Warren Christie – ABC’s “October Road”), Simon decides to make Jane jealous by dating his lab partner, Trese (Judy Marte – ‘Raising Victor Vargas’). But every part of Simon’s plan falls apart, trapping him between the pursuit of a hopeless dream and unexpected, real feelings for someone. Also starring Kel Mitchell (“Kenan and Kel”, ‘Mystery Men’ – and no he’s not dead), Lynn Chen (‘Saving Face’), and Jill Bennett (“Dante’s Cove”).

Shot on 35mm in Dolby 5.1, this is a “real” movie. It ain’t your “filmmaker” friend’s video. Catch a glimpse of it while you’re enjoying a full on retro 80’s party. 6 DJ’s 2 rooms.

Live in the Mix:

Wicked (MHz/KZSU 90.1)
Dennis Infante (OneCypher.com)
Be Brown (thePeople, The Clearing)
ThatGirl (Groove Suite, The Clearing)
Raymundo & The Friendly Traveler (MHz/KZSU 90.1)

spinning 80’s, dance, club classics, funk, breaks & hip hop.

The first 25 women who come dressed to impress, you know like Claire Standish or Allison Reynolds (leave the dandruff at home), will receive a free gift bag, the contents of which will be revealed the week of the party, so stay tuned!

Don’t relive your high school years and stay at home watching TV and eating pizza on a Friday night. Sneak out and head over to the city’s premier art gallery, 111 Minna. It’s not like you have Saturday detention, right?


X’s & O’s official site

111 Minna Gallery

If you can’t sneak out of the house, you can get X’s & O’s delivered to you.

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