Mighty 4 SF 2008 – Locking 2on2’s

2 on 2 Locking that Shy Guy and I entered back in 2008. We entered as The Iron Fist. Such a great time getting down with all the talented dancers there. First time meeting Caboose and Flo Master as well! Yoichi and Hiroto stayed at our place after the Jam, awesome dancers and so humble. Kam Paaai! hahah. Good times indeed!

Hosted by Mighty 4 and Five5

Loose Caboose
Flo Master

Playlist Order:

Prelims (We go on 6:30 into the clip)

Quarter Finals (The Iron Fist vs Kaistar & Yoichi)

Semi Finals (The Iron Fist vs Jimini & Ace)

Finals (The Iron Fist vs Junko & Tsuto)

Winners: Iron Fist