Music Video Mix Show Theater 5000

Music Video Mix Show Theater 5000: Ep. 3 | Smooth Hip‑Hop

Was feeling in a bit more of a chill type of mood, so tonight’s show kicked off with some Neo Soul featuring Erykah Badu, Omar and Moonchild, as well as some Soulquarian vibes that will never get old to me. Always gotta play some 90’s Boom Bap favorites, so played some De La Soul, Grand…

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Music Video Mix Show Theater 5000: Ep. 2 | MLK Day

Decided to feature music videos with strong messages behind them as a way to honor Martin Luther King Jr. for his birthday. Some new, some old. some about love and light, some with social commentary with a call to wake-up type of message. Also sprinkled in the usual music video jams for the week. Music…

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Music Video Mix Show Theater 5000: Ep. 1 | Pilot

I’ve been using OBS to do some DJ streams on Twitch, and for the most part it’s been great, but it also took me a little bit of time to learn though. Recently I tried Streamlabs to test stream a music video set over the weekend and recorded it locally. It was meant to just…

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