Grimey kind of Hip-Hop, hint of Boom Bap Era, Dilla, and some electronic instrumentals. I like this one a lot. Was selling as part of my fundraiser for AllTheWayLive SEAM Project 2012 along with the 4 other mixes. These were from a limited edition set I made and the fundraiser is now over so these…

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Voltes Funk! (A Popping Mix)

Woke up with this Korea jet lag and felt like recording a popping mix. Good for warmin’ up, practice, listening, etc. A quick 45 minutes, some hip-hop, r&b, g-funk and electronic instrumentals, as well as some uptempo recent funk. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these. Will probably put out a locking mix…

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2/25: Hip-Hop Instrumentals

Just some random tracks I like to get down to for Hip-Hop. Mostly instrumentals. Mix of underground, radio, bay slap, jazzy, and even some g-funk instrumentals that is still good for Hip-Hop dance. Changed up the titles a little bit =). But you can do your own research and find these are from artists like…

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