5/10: Locking Workshop @ Vibe Dance Studio, Quezon City, PI

Excited to share and get down with the dance community in the Philippines! Locking workshop at Vibe Dance Studio, Quezon City. Class starts at 6pm and we’ll focus on applying different grooves & feel within the locking vocab, ways to listen (and adjusting) to the music, different footwork and movement. Let’s go! 4th level Don…

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6/26: Know Your Rank Workshops

Teaching a locking workshop for KNOW YOUR RANK this Jun 26th. Planning on teaching an all level class good for basics, as well as intermediate to advanced who want to learn anything else from variations, power, etc. Something for everyone here. Get your pre-sales quick. The instructors line-up is sweeeeet! After teaching, gotta head over…

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Workshop & DJ

Teaching a Hip-Hop workshop and DJing the battle after! Come out for a good cause! -Dennis ————– All The Way Live Foundation Presents: The Town to the Boogie Down: part II 100% of the proceeds will help the students from East Bay Arts High School on this educational adventure to New York City. Workshops 11am-2pm:…

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