rock the school bells

Rock The School Bells 2012

Performing at this years Rock The School Bells with GroovMekanex! Gonna be a collaboration with other dancers from the community. The whole piece is on a theatrical tip, directed by Chaz “Funkee Asiatic” of GroovMekanex. Don’t miss the great workshops they provide before the show as well. Mark your calendars with a fat tip sharpie!…

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MuthaFunkers @ Rock The School Bells 4 (2011)

Here is our show at this year’s Rock The School Bells. RJ & I decided to try something different by doing both DJing and dancing, all LIVE on stage. We put this together in like 3 days hahaha. So apologies for the imperfections. It was challenging at first, but ended up being really fun to…

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